Martian Mushrooms?
August 21, 2006

Rhawn Joseph, Ph.D

Sometime in 2004, perhaps during the summer, one of the NASA rover crews announced they'd made a major discovery: hematite. So, I immediately took a look see. One of the problems I've encountered in searching for images is NASA hides them; or maybe they are moving the website. Fortunately, when they announced this discovery on Mars, I found the image cache and searching through the pictures, I downloaded several that look to me like mushrooms growing on rocks, or on some kind of mud turd. These were photographed by the Opportunity Rover. Unfortunately, NASA does not tell us where they were photographed, only somewhere in "Meridiani planum" near the equater of the Red planet. I thought for sure NASA was going to announce they'd discovered life on Mars. Then, nothing happened. Nothing more was said, except "hematite." Hematite? These look like mushrooms; what else can they be? Lichens? Problem is, NASA doesn't tell us the specifications, the size. Unless they are very tiny, they couldn't be lichens--or could they? Are lichens on Mars huge in size? Of course, I have no idea of the size, height, diameter; so, I've decided to call them "Martian mushrooms."

Now, here is what puzzled me. Am I the only person on this planet that sees these things? Why aren't all sorts of scientists yelling "there is life on Mars!"?? I don't get it! And what happened to that announcement? One for the record books? Did they see what I see, and then change their mind?

I've shown these pictures to some of my female friends, and, yes, they think they look like mushrooms.

Instead of "life" or "mushrooms" NASA announced that all these ball-shaped structures on the surface, are a mineral, called hematite. They remind me of the little sand balls fashioned by big sand crabs. Could there be sand crabs on Mars? Hiding in holes? I read a couple of the reports from the Opportunity team; seems to me there are a lot of problems with their conclusions about all these little balls on the surface; they seem awfully certain and sure of themselves, but what they claim doesn't really fit what they did or their data. One of the pictures is a flat rock!

One of the NASA team articles also has a little picture of a rock with all these little mushrooms sticking out in all directions. Yet, they say nothing about it! Here are all the mushrooms, and they act like there is nothing there! There is something very strange about all this. On the other hand, it seems I am the only person on this planet who thinks there are mushrooms growing on Mars; so that's like 6 billion to one: Me.

Unfortunately, most of the pictures are very low quality; but they look like mushrooms on Mars. So did I discover Martian mushrooms? You decide. Here are four pictures I downloaded in 2004, two of which I have cropped and enlarged. --R. Joseph, 6/21/2006

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